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Why is the anti-interference ability of coaxial cables so strong

Dec 18, 2023 1

The strong anti-interference ability of coaxial cables is mainly due to their signal transmission method and structure.

The signal electromagnetic field in coaxial cables is transmitted within the shielded layer, without any electromagnetic exchange with the outside world. This "shielding internal and external electromagnetic fields" characteristic makes coaxial cables inherently have excellent anti-interference performance. Even during long-distance transmission, coaxial cables can maintain signal stability and integrity, and are not easily affected by external electromagnetic fields.

Additionally, the signal transmission method of coaxial cables is also a reason for their strong anti-interference ability. Coaxial cables adopt high-frequency modulation transmission methods, allowing them to avoid interference sources by selecting appropriate channels. This method effectively avoids the influence of low-frequency interference and noise, improving signal transmission stability and reliability.

In terms ofAmplification anti-interference, by amplifying the signal amplitude with an amplifier, the amplitude of the interference signal can be reduced. Then, by attenuating the composite signal with aattenuator at the terminal, the signal amplitude is restored to its original level, while the interference component is significantly reduced. This method can reduce the impact of interference signals to a certain extent, improving image clarity and stability.

In summary, the strong anti-interference ability of coaxial cables is mainly due to their special transmission method and structure, as well as the application of high-frequency modulation transmission methods and Amplification anti-interference methods. These technical means can greatly improve signal transmission stability and reliability, effectively avoid the impact of external interference, and thereby ensure the normal operation of video surveillance systems and image quality.