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What are the advantages of anti-interference coaxial cables

Dec 18, 2023 1

1. Anti interference coaxial cable is a type of "double insulated and double shielded coaxial cable", in which the core wire, insulation layer, and shielding layer are still standard 75 ohm cables without any difference. The difference is that a second insulation layer and a second shielding layer are added outside the original shielding layer, and a protective sheath is added outside.

From the analysis of the interference generation principle above, it is known that the induced voltage generated by interference on the outer layer of traditional coaxial cables is connected in series in the "long ground wire" of the video signal transmission circuit, thus forming interference. But after using anti-interference coaxial cables, there has been a qualitative change in the situation:

The interference induced voltage can only form on the "second shielding layer" and is isolated from the "long ground wire" of the video signal transmission circuit by the "second insulation layer" inside, excluding interference from the video signal transmission circuit and achieving the purpose of anti-interference.

2. The characteristics of this anti-interference cable are very outstanding for interference below tens of kilohertz, such as ultra-strong low-frequency power supply interference, motor spark interference, variable frequency motor interference, and control signal interference in elevator environments.

In the design of long transmission lines, the use of "double insulated and double shielded coaxial cables" can greatly simplify some anti-interference measures in traditional engineering and effectively reduce the total cost of the project.